Q.  What is that smell?

  • You may smell hints of the ink during the baking process, we use Eco-friendly non-toxic Epson Sublimation Dye Ink.  Once your tumbler cools the smell will dissipate and your tumbler will be ready for use (after you wash it).

Q.  Why are the graphics on the paper dull in color?

  • The images will look dull on paper, but will become vibrant when they are sublimated into the tumbler.2.

Q.  Help! The words are backwards.

  • The images are mirrored for when they sublimate to read in the proper direction.

Q. Are the lid and straw BPA free?

  • Yes, both the lid and straw are BPA free
Q. Can I buy just the graphics so I can mix and match graphics from different collections?
  • Yes! You can add just the graphics page so you can truly make your tumbler as unique as you!
Q. Can you sublimate the tumbler for me?
  • Yes! Under 'Choose Your Process' click the  "We sublimate for you" option.

Q. Will the graphics wear out?

  • The graphics will not wear out or fade unless the tumbler becomes scratched to the point of taking the painted coating off.

Q. Is my tumbler dishwasher safe?

  • It is recommended to hand wash your tumbler to prevent the vacuum seal breaking from high temperatures in a dishwasher.  Some people have reported no issues with dishwashing, but we still recommend hand washing as recommended by the manufacturer.