STOP: Do NOT attach rubber base until after images have been infused into tumbler. Remove lid before placing tumbler in oven. The home page has a video for overview, we recommend spending a few minutes to give you a better idea overall as you proceed with the instructions.


  1. Wash your hands and wipe down tumbler with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil or debris followed by a lint free cloth, as lint can interfere with sublimation. *A lint roller can be used if you do not have easy access to a lint free cloth. Generally a paper towel will work just fine for this step. *Tip: Place your hand inside tumbler for ease while cleaning.
  2. Choose your preprinted desired images for sublimation and attach with the included heat transfer tape. (Other images are available for purchase online at
    1. Please note, it is not recommended to place tumbler in oven multiple times as this can affect the already infused images and cause lift of color and loss of crispness of image. 
    2. It is best to tape all desired images at once for best quality. Also, if you have multiple images it is best to cut as close to the borders as possible to make all the images fit. Also be certain you do not place images upside down.
    3. Make sure images are secured flat to tumbler when taping. (The shrink wrap sleeve will also help keep the image flush to the tumbler so excessive taping is not necessary; be sure image is taut with tumbler.)***Tape the graphic facing the tumbler, the back of the paper is what should be visible once taped on***
  3. Once desired images are secured, wrap tumbler in plain white paper to prevent shrink wrap from melting and sticking to tumbler. Use the heat transfer tape to secure the paper over the exposed surfaces. Please Note *It is important to use blank white paper to prevent any unwanted transfer of inks from scrap paper.
  4. Preheat oven to 365 Degrees Fahrenheit.


  1. STOP: Make sure your images are not upside down. Take included shrink wrap sleeve and slip over tumbler. Using a heat gun or hair dryer, shrink the wrap around the tumbler until it fits snuggly and securely around it. This keeps the images tight for high quality transfer and prevents escape of the ink (preventing blurring and uneven image transfer).
  2. Place tumbler on baking sheet lined with silicon baking mat or parchment paper to prevent shrink wrap from sticking. Bake 7 mins. Up to 6 tumblers can be sublimated simultaneously. (place rack on lower portion of oven so tumbler can stand and does not lay on its side. DO NOT OVER BAKE. Images may turn out blurry if over baked.
  3. Using heat resistant gloves or oven mitt remove tumbler or cookie sheet and let stand to cool for 5-10 mins. CAUTION: Tumbler will be extremely hot! It is important to allow thorough cooling for the sublimation transfer to complete.
  4. When tumbler is cooled (warm to the touch is fine) remove shrink wrap and paper. Wash by hand. Pro Tip: If you tear the top portion of shrink wrap sleeve off you can slip the paper wrap and shrink wrap sleeve off together by gripping the wrap (not too tightly or it won’t move) and pushing from the base.
  5. Attach rubber base; hand wash tumbler, lid, and straw.
  6. Enjoy Your Customized Glow in the Dark Tumbler!


Please Note: Tumbler must be exposed to light in order to glow in the dark. The longer the tumbler is charged in light the longer it will glow in the dark.